Dario Bellini

B.A. HSG in Business Administration, Swiss CPA, Licensed Audit Expert RAB.

Professional experience: over 8 years of experience in external audit and advisory at leading audit and advisory firms as well at medium and large sized companies.

Specialization: multi-year experience in regulatory and financial audit of companies active in the financial industry (banks, security dealers, market makers, asset manager), prevention of money laundering, audits at distributors of investment funds, advisory regarding Compliance and Risk Management.

Audit and advisory of family businesses and medium and larger sized companies in the areas of industry, trade, services, non-profit organizations, as well of association and foundation. Consultancy regarding ICS projects, reorganizations and restructurings, valuations, special audits (founding-, capital reduction- and capital increase audits, etc.) and liquidations.

Languages: Italian, German, French, English.